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Part 4 of 4: New architecture

September 22, 2020

Working practices will not return to the way they were before lockdown and an organisation’s IT infrastructure needs to be designed to deliver the architecture that will provide the best value solutions for the required quality, performance and security. Some policy decisions which fall outside the remit of the IT department will be needed to […]


Part 3 of 4: Connectivity – different needs for different roles

September 15, 2020

Lockdown has demonstrated, particularly to flexible working sceptics, how individuals and teams can operate successfully while not being sat in the same office. The challenge now is to take this from “make do” solutions to a long term new way of working. Every home worker and every flexible/drop in office will need the bandwidth, quality […]


Part 2 of 4: New patterns and places of work – reigniting flexible working programmes

September 8, 2020

The way people work should be designed to get the best outcome for them and their organisations. The requirements of place and time will clearly vary depending on the role and individual circumstances. The lockdown has shown what is possible, but care needs to be taken in deciding what could be a long term answer […]


In a series of 4 blogs, Ian Wilcox explores the opportunities for IT departments to review their infrastructure architecture to best support the new normal post lockdown: Part 1 of 4: You’ve seen what is possible. Now imagine the world post lockdown.

September 1, 2020

IT departments have stepped up during lockdown and have shown what is possible. Conceptually, none of the flexible working technology is new or innovative, it has just been used differently and on a much wider scale. It has shown which teams can work effectively without being in the same office, what functions can be carried […]


The Digital Cart before the Connected Horse?!

August 6, 2019

Our Product Director, Darren Hogan shares his experience and personal account of Internet of Things (IoT).


Internet First – Innopsis Podcast

August 5, 2019

Our Business Development Director, Ian Wilcox, recently joined the Innopsis Podcast to discuss the government’s Internet First strategy.

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