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Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

MLL Telecom is proud to be a leading SME at the forefront of developing the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) programme.

The HSCN programme replaces the Healthcare Sector’s N3 system, creating a ‘network of networks’ which acts like one single network. The HSCN enables health and social care service providers to deliver, share and consume services from anywhere on the HSCN and with anyone else on the HSCN, regardless of their location or network supplier. This move to HSCN allows NHS organisations to access a wider range of competitive, market leading network solutions and enables the them to access and share information more flexibly and efficiently.

With all existing N3 customers given a mandate, in March 2017, to migrate to HSCN by 31 August 2020, MLL became the first supplier to gain HSCN compliance, connecting the first live customer to HSCN in Oct 2017. By April 2019, we had migrated 218 circuits to new HSCN networks, 38% of all HSCN migrations at that point. By the end of 2019, we had migrated 1,350 circuits to HSCN.

MLL are proud to able to say that we were the first CNSP to have migrated all our customers’ HSCN circuits, ahead of the NHS Digital deadline, having migrated 1,744 circuits by 6 August 2020.

We have a dedicated team of Prince2 Project Managers to make your transition to HSCN easy and stress free. You’ll have direct access to:

  • HSCN Specialist – who can answer your HSCN queries.
  • Technical Specialist – to review and approve your service design

Accredited Supplier

MLL Telecom is a HSCN Stage 2 accredited telecoms supplier, the first organisation to connect a customer to the Health and Social Care Network and is a supplier on the Technology HSCN Access Services Direct Purchasing System (DPS) RM3825.

Range of Connectivity Services

We can confidently offer a complete range of HSCN compliant connectivity services nationwide. We also have market leading network propositions for COINs, Trusts and CCGs.

Public Sector

Public Sector

MLL Telecom has a long history of working closely with public sector bodies including the emergency services, local government, health and educational establishments.

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Social Value

Social Value

MLL Telecom is exploring the social value that new networks can bring, enabling towns and cities to attract business and development by installing ultra fast-fibre networks.

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University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

For University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust reliable network connectivity is a critical when providing 24hr emergency care to over 2,000,000 people.

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Why MLL Telecom?

Optimum Lifetime Design

Our unique approach means our network services are fully tailored to your requirements. As independent integrators, we have the flexibility to recommend the best solution for the job as we can utilise a wider pool than our major competitors. We’re dedicated to offering optimum lifetime design for our networks, not just at the initial stages. Our open, consultative approach means we work with you to anticipate challenges, reviewing and refreshing connectivity and services so your network delivers value for money throughout the life of the contract.

How can we help?

To discover how we can deliver seamless, stable connectivity with total peace of mind, please either fill in our ‘Contact Us’ form or call us.


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