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Managed Wide Area Networks (WAN) services

MLL Telecom networks are always designed to deliver the lowest costs across their lifetime, not just at initial build.

We offer a range of networking solutions, including Managed WANs (Wide Area Networks). Our full-service offering (from design and installation to operation) means we can design for the scale and security needs of local authorities, schools, emergency series and healthcare. We can even build and operate your WAN to enable network sharing.

These networks – usually based on a dedicated 1Gbit/s or 10Gbit/s fibre backbone and IP/MPLS switching – are exclusive to each customer. This has the double effect of guaranteeing bandwidth availability and security at all times. Along with privacy, our networks also provide traffic segmentation and management.

Fully-licensed Operator

We are fully-licensed operator with code system powers which we can use to unbundle exchanges for xDSL and fibre access services, plus our own wireless spectrum.

Customised Networks

Our in-house planning and design capabilities enables us to customise each network, whether this means the provision of flexible bandwidth or setting up specific traffic prioritisation schemes.

Blend of Technologies

Blend of Technologies

We design our customers’ networks using the best blend of technologies including

  • LLU (Local Loop Unbundling)
  • ADSL
  • SDSL
  • Leased lines
  • Optical fibre services
  • Point-to-point microwave radio
  • Point-to-multipoint microwave radio
  • IP routing
  • Ethernet switching technologies
  • MPLS switching technologies

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local Area Network (LAN)

MLL Telecom managed LAN services includes design, installation and operation enabling us to customise each your network to meet their scale and security requirements

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Network Extender

Network Extender

MLL Telecom’s high-speed wireless network extender solution provides an excellent alternative to a wired connection in terms of cost and speed of delivery.

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Why MLL Telecom?

Optimum Lifetime Design

Our unique approach means our network services are fully tailored to your requirements. As independent integrators, we have the flexibility to recommend the best solution for the job as we can utilise a wider pool than our major competitors. We’re dedicated to offering optimum lifetime design for our networks, not just at the initial stages. Our open, consultative approach means we work with you to anticipate challenges, reviewing and refreshing connectivity and services so your network delivers value for money throughout the life of the contract.

How can we help?

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