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The HSCN programme is replacing the Healthcare Sector’s N3 system, creating a ‘network of networks’ which will act like one single network. This will enable health and social care service providers to deliver, share and consume services from anywhere on the HSCN and with anyone else on the HSCN regardless of their location or network supplier. The move to HSCN will allow NHS organisations to access a wider range of competitive, market-leading network solutions and enable them to access and share information more flexibly and efficiently.

Our ’HSCN Remote Connect’ solution provides remote users or home workers with easy-to-use, secure access to any HSCN service, from anywhere with an internet connection.

It is an ideal solution for remote users who need secure access to HSCN services. We provide a fully hosted solution with the option of hard or soft token dual-factor authentication.

Easy, Secure Access:

  • A soft token application for smart devices provides two-factor authentications for each user, creating additional levels of security whilst cutting down on physical ‘clutter’.

Stable, secure and reliable by design:

Remote support provided to the customer’s IT service desk by the MLL Service Desk. Work with the peace of mind that the experts are here and waiting to help!

  • Built on MLL’s highly resilient HSCN Stage 2 compliant infrastructure – We build our connectivity solutions to maintain the highest levels of security and availability. By securely connecting to the HSCN with Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2, using Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES), we believe our solution delivers connectivity you can rely on!
  • Secure access into the HSCN using National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommended encryption

Solution diagram

MLL’s HSCN Remote Connect product is just one of the many ways we’re helping customers maintain services during this challenging period. In addition, we can rapidly increase bandwidth to meet increased levels of demand and, provide additional security services such as DDoS Mitigation to further protect these critical resources.

MLL’s HSCN Remote Connect is also available as a Standard Service Offer from MLL through the CCS Network Services 2 Framework.

Speak to one of our Account Managers or Client Service Directors or alternatively email HSCN@mlltelecom.com for more details.

Why MLL Telecom?

Optimum Lifetime Design

Our unique approach means our network services are fully tailored to your requirements. As independent integrators, we have the flexibility to recommend the best solution for the job as we can utilise a wider pool than our major competitors. We’re dedicated to offering optimum lifetime design for our networks, not just at the initial stages. Our open, consultative approach means we work with you to anticipate challenges, reviewing and refreshing connectivity and services so your network delivers value for money throughout the life of the contract.

How can we help?

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