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Public Sector Solutions


MLL Telecom, a leading independent provider of ‘Secure Managed Network Services’.

As a licensed operator with our own spectrum, we are pioneering the development of converged ‘Fixed’ and ‘Wireless’ networks to create the ultimate communications environment.

We are a leading provider to the Network Services Framework and the Public Sector Telecoms Services Framework.


"MLL Telecom is passionate about delivering outstanding customer service using our unique design capabilities and technical expertise."

Gary Marven, CEO.


Our fully managed solutions include:

. Wide Area Networks


. Point to Point/Multipoint Connections

. Ethernet

. Microwave Links


. CCTV Networks

Our unique Hybrid approach utilising fixed line (copper and fibre) as well as radio (licensed or light licensed) services can maximise performance and minimise total cost of ownership. MLL Telecom is an OFCOM licenced telecommunications provider with CODE powers and operates its own UK wide Spectrum, as well as being an approved Openreach Communications Provider.


Our award winning voice portfolio allows customers to integrate their front and back office operations through a variety of Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

MLL can provide customers with a one-stop-shop approach to delivering a complex communication environment that requires the integration of various technologies and services.